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Summer Opportunity

Greetings to you who are in the Seattle area! Here is an Inner Yaga Open Circle flier that invites you to attend a peer run woman’s circle that are offered as a summer opportunity. The last one is Wednesday, September 10th in Bellevue, WA. One of my passions is my involvement with the Inner Yaga Foundation. The Inner Yaga Foundation […]

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Building a Collaborative Community: Lessons from Geese

One of my enduring passions is implementing my study of collaboration.  It is so much fun (for me anyway :)) to bring your leadership skills into  community building. More accurately, what is fun is to intentionally build a collaborative community.  The structure of community that I am practicing is from a horizontal template rather than […]

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Take advantage of these 10 skills to help you manage your strong emotions!

Learn how to:

  • Interpret and respond to your strong emotions
  • Treat your emotions like allies, not enemies
  • Accept yourself for all that you are
  • Turn self judgement into self curiousity

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