What Have I Done to Empower Women?

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What Have I Done to Empower Women?

In one of my groups It was asked, “What have you done to empower women?” As I can do, I waxed passionate :).  I realize that what I answered is pretty core in all my consulting work.  So here is my answer..Comment, share and like at will!

What have I done to empower women?

Absolutely NOTHING! (Yikes!, Did I actually say that?)  I learned years ago that if I have an intention to empower another woman, then I’m buying into the idea that they NEED to be empowered and that I am the one who knows how to do that for them. In my experience, this contributes to the continuation of a victim paradigm.

The best way I know how to provide the opportunity for empowerment is to vigilantly empower myself. I do this by following some foundational beliefs that I have taken on. First and foremost is that I believe that I am precious and I do whatever I can to remember to treat myself as such, no matter the circumstance.  The result, most often, is that I’ve seen women choose to empower themselves.

What a great question! Thank you and blessings.

Kim Illig is an Intuitive Counselor, distinguished with certification from both Caroline Myss and Norman Shealy. With over 30 years experience in the healing arts working with individuals, groups and organizations, Kim brings extensive knowledge and skills to her practice. She invites all to be “integrating the intuitive everyday.” Make an appointment with Kim and start transforming your life today!

4 thoughts on “What Have I Done to Empower Women?
  1. Judy Bencini says:

    Hi Kim, great answer. I would have not thought that right off, but you have a way of getting to just what is real. I admire that in you. Those of us that have been victims, I believe, but I could be wrong, are always looking for someone else to give us the answers. Looking for answers on the outside instead of searching within our own soul. We tend to give away our own power. This is something that I have had to continually remind myself of. Thanks to you and Caroline Myss, I am in such a better place today.

    • kimillig says:

      Hi Judy! How great to hear from you and to have your voice in my blog. Blessings to you and all the choices you have made that has landed you in this better place.

  2. Camille of Sister Leadership says:

    So perfectly put. I was just discussing Hoʻoponopono on my Sister Leadership site, and it is really about looking inward for that empowerment. There are so many inspiring women doing inspiring things – we try to honour and feature them. Though saying this, sometimes the reminder or guidance to look in before looking out is quite useful too 🙂

    • kimillig says:

      Yes, that is the beauty of doing the work I do, Camille! I always feel so honored whenever I get to witness and hold the space for another’s next step along life’s path. If I can be the mirror that reminds someone to love herself, then I’m doing good work. I hope I am not being rude, but saying Ho’oponopono makes me smile! Thank you for your input on my blog.

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