Intuitive Counseling

You may ask: “what is an Intuitive Counselor?” Am I a psychic? No. You don’t need any special beliefs to work with an Intuitive Counselor. My practice is non-denominational, and I function as an insightful and empathic guide and coach for anyone in need.

As a Certified Intuitive Counselor, I work with a broad array of clients, ranging from those who are looking for career counseling to those in need of relationship advice, from those who are seeking self-acceptance to those who are feeling lost. It is my job to provide clients with the tools and environment to explore how their internal landscapes translate into something they can use to make their lives more efficient and full of meaning.

I assume that each of us is our wisest counselor. When I am working with a client, I am vigilant in the belief that the client knows the best answers for themselves. My job as an Intuitive Counselor is to help those answers unfold and to provide options of interpretation for the clients' symbolic language.

I am extensively trained in being able to identify if I have an “agenda” in my client’s healing; if so, I am able to put my own intentions aside or at least neutralize them, so all that is being studied is what the client brings to a session.

My practice is based upon some foundational assumptions that include quantum physic’s concept that only 1% of an atom is comprised of matter—which means that 99% of an atom is space. In the Intuitive Counseling realm, we assume that about 99% of what is happening in and around us is unseen, un-manifested, or is taking place where we don't see it, hear it, feel it, smell it or taste it.

I am trained to observe the world from a “bigger picture,” so I assume that the primary experience of living has a symbolic foundation rather than a literal one.

The Intuitive System works with tools like dreams, body metaphors and archetypal analysis. Caroline Myss is famous for saying, “Your biography becomes your biology.”

What we are beginning to understand is that what happens in our physical world originates in the part of our system we cannot access with our five senses.

I assume that we have a connection to all life and there is an inherent foundational power that is bigger than us. Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s book, The King Within, beautifully expresses the manifestation of this assumption in their definition of humility: “admitting our lives are out of our control and we need help.” Again, this is where my expertise as an Intuitive Counselor comes in. It isn't until we acknowledge that a power greater than our five senses has a primary role in our healing that true healing take place.

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