Call me at 425-864-2295 or send an email to kim at kimillig dot com to make an in-person, via telephone, or online counseling appointment or for more information. Or, go ahead and buy your session via PayPal today.


I meet with clients for a 50-minute session, which are done as telephone or online counseling sessions or can done in person at my office in Snoqualmie, Washington (30 minute drive east of Seattle). The cost is $150 per session.


I work with clients in helping them understand their current health or emotional situation and determining the most appropriate course of action. Sessions are 50 minutes in-person, via telephone, or as online counseling. The cost is $150 per session.


I work with clients to create their initial archetypal chart, which includes interpretation and instruction. These charts are tools based on Caroline Myss’ book, Sacred Contracts.

Some of my clients have enjoyed using their natal archetypal chart as a powerful vehicle for in-depth personal work. They will work with me for 12 50-minute sessions for this intense self-exploration.

Another option is a more standard one to three 50-minute sessions where the interpretation is not so in depth, and the client can continue their self-exploration on their own.

Archetypal Analysis sessions can be done as phone or online counseling sessions and/or in person at my office in Snoqualmie. The cost for this service is $150 for a 50-minute session. (If you prefer that I intuit your archetypes for you, the fee is $225.)


I offer study groups and workshops that can be tailored to your needs. These group classes cost $300 plus travel expenses for a 2-hour group experience. This offers a less expensive (i.e., a 2-hour workshop for 6 participants is $50 plus travel expenses per person) option for people by providing my services in a group setting. In the Seattle area, I offer study groups at my home office in Snoqualmie.


Take advantage of a discount when you purchase multiple sessions. Paid for individually these sessions are $450. Paid for as a package I charge $420. Each package of three sessions expires three months from purchase. Enquire about a sliding scale fee for these multiple session packages by emailing kim at kimillig dot com.

Payment Options

I offer clients the option of paying with cash, checks, PayPal or the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card or American Express.  Telephone sessions are paid by credit card or check in advance of the scheduled appointment. All fees are in US dollars.

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