Archetypal Analysis

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As a Certified Intuitive Counselor, I provide clients with the tools and environment necessary for exploring how their symbolic and archetypal landscapes translate into something they can understand, in turn teaching them how to make their lives more efficient and full of meaning. I do this intuitive guidance in many ways, but my main approach is giving validity to the symbolic and credence to the unseen.

A powerful tool to use as a vehicle towards understanding and managing our symbolic landscapes is an Archetypal Analysis. This tool was developed by Caroline Myss, PhD and is described in her book Sacred Contracts. The process of this analysis includes intuitively chosen archetypes that are then “thrown” onto the astrological wheel of houses. Using my skills as an Intuitive Counselor, I work with my clients to choose the unique archetypal influences that are creating their life’s contracts.

Individual Analysis

I typically work with a client individually for two to five hours, which are broken down into 50-minute sessions of in-person, by phone, or online counseling. The initial hours include choosing the archetypes and the “throwing the chart. “ The following hours involve the archetypal analysis: the interpretation of the chart and understanding the archetypes and their pragmatic application in the client’s life.

Group Setting

I also offer a workshop where the same personal exploration is accomplished in a group setting. The interpretation of this evaluation is essentially a springboard for a deeper self-knowledge and self-exploration, and I typically follow up with a client on a regular basis to enhance this process.

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