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Through my experience as a nurse, Certified Intuitive Counselor, and Integrative Medicine practitioner, I have come to strongly believe that it is an individual's right and responsibility to hold themselves and their health as top priority. My approach to wellness admits, encourages and even insists that each person is his or her own ultimate authority. This perspective empowers clients in their health journey and recognizes that we know within ourselves what is truly best for us. As a health consultant, my priority is what is best for the individual.

Because each health practitioner is trained from a certain perspective with a certain set of expertise (i.e., a surgeon is trained in surgery, a massage practitioner in massage, etc.), they do not necessarily hold the individual's complex nature as a top priority. This is not to say that these learned practitioners aren't gifted in what they do or that what they tell you isn't the wisest course for to follow. Instead, I am suggesting that the most important opinion is often neglected...the opinion of the individual going through the healing journey—You.

Clients often come to me during a health crisis when they are trying to understand and manage the myriad suggestions coming from well-meaning practitioners. I bring more than 40 years of healing arts experience to my private practice. My beliefs are clear that the health practitioner is a guide, not the one with superior wisdom when it comes to an individual's body. I have considerable expertise and knowledge in helping people discern which healthcare option is the best for them, as well as providing alternative options if necessary.

My perspective is one of healing rather than of curing the “dis-ease” you are experiencing. After many years of working with people experiencing chronic pain or un-diagnosable discomfort, I have found that getting rid of pain via drugs, surgeries, etc. may not be best approach for the person in the long run. The guidance I strive to give is to address the cause rather than the symptom, which in turn helps a client heal wholly.

When dealing with an illness in Intuitive Counseling it is assumed that the greatest benefit comes from working with a healing perspective versus the perspective of curing or fixing the illness/person.

We have an energetic anatomy with a foundation based on the Hindu Chakra system where each Chakra has beliefs and attitudes connected with it. If the attitude is negative we notice that eventually, sometimes more quickly than other times, it will show up in the physical tissue as disease. This is widely recognized as truth in cases of stress-related diseases such as many stomach complaints, heart disease, headaches, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Since this is the case, we approach the healing process of other diseases or other bodily discomforts as also having origins based on an individual's attitude or belief. The challenge is correctly interpreting what the body is saying, as each individual's symbolic body language is unique. This is where my clarity as an intuitive counselor can be of service.

As a health consultant, it is not my job to tell you what to do. My job is to assist you in coming to clarity around what is happening with your body, mind, emotions and spirit. I advocate your own undeniable ability to make the kindest choices for yourself—to make choices that promote the highest potential for you to heal.

Getting Started

I begin our working relationship with a 50-minute intake session. This can be done face to face in my office, over the phone, or via online counseling.  This health consulting session includes a history much like you would give to any healing practitioner. However, your questions and desires for what you want to happen with your health are addressed, and we indulge in deeper communication than what you typically experience with health practitioners.

This session may be all you need in order to feel supported on your healing journey. Or, you may need ongoing support, in which case, I suggest we see each other for another three to five sessions. In my experience, our psyches need approximately three sessions to know if a certain modality or practitioner is serving our needs. Each of the subsequent sessions are also 50 minutes in length and will focus on our initial conversation, as well as benefiting from my expertise in nursing, Intuitive Counseling, skilled communications, and Integrative Medicine. These follow up sessions can be done in person or over the telephone.

I bless your willingness to make your health a top priority. We can all heal ourselves if we feel empowered to do so and have the right tools or guides.

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