Coming Together for the World Cup

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Coming Together for the World Cup

Coming together as one world is a gift the World Cup gives us once every 4 years, but we can carry this unity forward even when the competition is over. Once again I am struck with how when the world comes together with intention how connection can prevail and relationships can grow. International sports events like the World Cup or the Olympics bring a real opportunity to plug in to and participate on an archetypal level.

I was fortunate to be in Denmark when they won the European Championships in 1992. It was amazing to witness the uniting of their passion for the sport and their support of their team. I watched it grow into an almost palpable entity. This passion is a conduit for the hopes and dreams of everyone involved as well as the hopes and dreams of a country.

Although I am not a sports fan myself, I never tire watching the Olympics. Why, I ask myself? I think it is because my practice of honing my intuition as an intuitive counselor allows me to experience what can happen when countries come together along with the world watching the international event that carries the archetypal quality of unity. I find my passion rise and find myself using that passion as a conduit to intentionally send my hopes and dreams out into the universe. It is a wonderful practice.

What are your hopes and dreams? Where can you find a passionate conduit to send them forth? If you need help with that, connect with your spiritual advisor for assistance.

If you are following the World Cup, I hope you are having a great time….send that joy out to the cosmos to be used by the universe in a Beauty way for all involved; including yourself.

Kim Illig is an Intuitive Counselor, distinguished with certification from both Caroline Myss and Norman Shealy. With over 30 years experience in the healing arts working with individuals, groups and organizations, Kim brings extensive knowledge and skills to her practice. She invites all to be “integrating the intuitive everyday.” Make an appointment with Kim and start transforming your life today!

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