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Integrating the Intuitive Into Everyday

Learning to Set Your Personal Boundaries

Ideally, personal boundaries are limits that you set intentionally which then allows for the healthy receiving of input from others. Boundaries define the parts of your life experiences or your relationships that you are willing or are not willing to participate in. Notice that I am saying “ideally”. Our everyday management of life includes many […]

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What about Trying Online Counseling?

You are standing at the crossroads in your internal landscape, realizing that the way you have been managing your life just doesn’t work anymore. You could be facing scarcity, loss, anxiety or anger and you’re looking for a way through the resulting labyrinth. Or you could be facing such abundance that you need to find […]

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Practicing Congruency: Four Steps to Living Life Consciously

If you are practicing living life consciously, cultivating the skill set of “Walking Your Talk” is an important task. This is the quality of being congruent. In all spiritual traditions, one of the all-abiding Truths is “as above, so below,” indicating that being one with yourself on the outside as well as on the inside […]

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Three Tools to Manage Overwhelm in Your Everyday Life

On top of the stress of your everyday life – family, job, finances- you also witness world events like Ebola, terrorist assassinations and devastating tidal waves in real time. This can be overwhelming to your emotional, physical and mental well-being. As an Intuitive Counselor, I work with many people who are dealing with feelings of frustration […]

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Take advantage of these 10 skills to help you manage your strong emotions!

Learn how to:

  • Interpret and respond to your strong emotions
  • Treat your emotions like allies, not enemies
  • Accept yourself for all that you are
  • Turn self judgement into self curiousity

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